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Is your Marketing Strategy working for your Small Business?

As a small Business, getting your Marketing Strategy right is imperative. Your great Ideas, best Products and Service need to be sold, If your Marketing strategy is not bringing you the expected ROI, then stop wasting your Money and take a second look. We are on a mission to help small Businesses with their Marketing. 

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If Marketing doesn’t bring it in the funnel, the sales can’t sell it. Is your Marketing Strategy leveraging the power of your Products and Services in the optimum fashion?

Marketing is an indispensable tool in today’s date. The right strategy can help you scale unprecedented heights at a lower cost. Defining your Marketing strategy is the most important and crucial component which would define how your Business grows. With all the technical jargon and tools available today, it does get a bit overwhelming for a company to choose how to deploy a scalable marketing strategy.

Bigfoot Marketing helps companies in the Hospitality Industry create a marketing Strategy which is based on 3 Simple principles

Click | Convert | Generate


The Click, Convert and Generate strategy simply put means, bringing a Potential (Lead) into your Sales funnel, nurturing them to convert and generating Sales / Revenue for your company.

In today’s day and age there are 2 primary strategies in Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing.

Outbound Marketing

The Traditional system of Marketing, Outbound marketing includes trade shows, Sales calls, seminar series, email blasts to purchased lists, internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, and advertising, All these activities are aimed at being disruptive and at pushing a product in the face of the Customer.

With customers today being bombarded with over 2000 Disruptive messages a day, customers are gradually developing patterns to block these. Customers have moved from traditional Television to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu as these offer, non-intrusive experience.

A Major part of Outbound Marketing can at times be expensive and a slow process and barring a few strategies not suited for majority of customers.

Inbound Marketing

Here the focus is on being found by the customer. It is largely driven by content which the customers want to see at their convenience and doesn’t cause any disruption to the customer. Here the Marketer would create strategies based around the content, make sure it is visible via the Search Engine optimization and use Social Media to promote it where modern buyers hang out.

With Inbound Marketing customers willingly give their contact details and wish to be contacted. Inbound Marketing is also very effective at generating referrals harnessing the power of Social Media. 

Inbound Marketing is scalable and can be done as per your convenience and a small budget can give you a good result.

In Our Blogs you would notice that we usually recommend and deploy strategies leveraging both Inbound and Outbound Marketing with more focus on Inbound Marketing, simply because A) it costs less B) It offers you extremely detailed targeting, the right audience gets the message and C) It is an investment which pays itself many times over as Content always trumps pay per click marketing.

We hope that our Marketing tips can help your small Business create an Inbound Marketing strategy that works for you and helps your Business in the deployment of the necessary tools that would help your organization grow and scale up using Automation thereby reducing human intervention and errors that could come with it.

We also hope that the tutorials we suggest, assist you with Onboarding of the Tools and teach you how to best use these for maximum effectiveness. How to create Educational Series for Onboarding your customers and implement strategies which help you retain them.

If you Build a great experience, Customers tell each other about that.

– Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon

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