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We are Lead Generation Specialists.
We Consult & Help Brands with their Lead Generation strategies.

Social Media for Lead Generation

Great for Branding & Re-Targeting

​We will Show you how Social Media can help you identify the Pain Points and the right approach to leverage Social Media for driving conversions.

Lead Magnets for Lead Generation

Leverage your Content 

​The Right lead magnets can work wonders for establishing you as an Authority and solving real problems for your prospective customers. We help you identify and create Lead Magnets aimed at accelerating your Lead Generation.

Leveraging Competition for Lead Generation

Winning your Competitions Prospects

You may have a Better product or Service but your competition may have a wider reach, the right marketing strategy can give you a fair chance at making a Pitch to your competitions prospects.

Which channel and what strategy is right for your Business

It all Starts with a Discovery Call. Following which we update you on the Best way forward for your Brand. What social Media channel is the right one for your Brand, whether we would use Push Marketing or Pull Marketing or maybe a mix of both. We would help formulate a complete strategy for your Brand ensuring that your Lead Generation happens on an accelerated pace.  

Inbound MarketingThe Pull Factor

Inbound Marketing is the Strategy of Pulling Customers to your Business  

Outbound MarketingThe Push Factor

Outbound Marketing is the Strategy of Pushing your product or Service to the customers

Our Story

Our Lead Generation Story started to find a Solution for ourselves which could help us mainatin a Healthy funnel of leads in our Tourism Business. Being a Highly competitive Industry and less Loyalty we wanted to acquire only the leads where we could capture an Intent and also have them as a part of our long term client list, to generate a healthy ROI.

After success in the Tourism Industry we tested our processes in Retail, Service, Real Estate and Medical Industry both in India and the Middle East and were able to help our Clients maintain a Healthy Inflow into the Top of the Funnel.

We consult primarily Small to Medium Businesses, Soloprenuers, Private Medical Practises and Brands who would like to grow their Business leveraging the Power of Marketing.


Information that may be of use to those Interested in Leveraging Marketing for Lead Generation.

Mobile First

Is your Brand adopting a Mobile First approach? is your content Mobile ready? As Data suggests that a vast majority of all Searches and research happens on a Mobile device. If your Brand is not following a Mobile First approach it means that you are not accessible on...

Power of Linkedin

Do you actually know of the Power of Linkedin? Having been with Linkedin Since 2006 and a regular user since 2011, I have been very succesful in sales thanks to understanding the power of Linkedin. As with any platform there are best practises and mediocre to bad...

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Tools   If you are a Small to Medium Company or a Brand looking for Digital Marketing Tools to grow your audience, here is a list of Marketing tools that can help you up your game to the next level. Having tried these Marketing tools I have not...

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