Brand Strategy

A well-defined and executed brand strategy when in line with the Companies Mission and Vision guides all the aspects of a business by being directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

Developing your Brand Strategy!

Developing a brand strategy, a very crucial step, at times can be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing plan process. More often than not It’s the element that causes businesses the biggest challenge, especially since the Brand Identity would be communicated repeatedly, in multiple ways across multiple channels with frequency and consistency throughout the lifecycle of the Business.

The Importance of Branding - Purpose

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Customers today are spoilt for choice, so it is important today to spend time in defining and researching as to what message you want your Brand to convey. Your Brand is what Identifies you with the customer and would be the centerpiece of all the subsequent marketing and communication. So it becomes very important to clearly understand what your Brand really should stand for.

Brand’s Objectives – Emotion

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For effective Brand Management, a clear definition of the Target audience is crucial along with the fact what Objectives the brand needs to achieve. Two key questions here help determine the emotion attached to the brand 1) What does the company want the brand to achieve 2) What does the company want the others (customer and Competition) to say about the Brand.

Identifying Brand Barriers – Sustainability

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When creating the Brand strategy it is important to have market analysis and to spot roadblocks and barriers that may come up. These are the market conditions and can single-handedly keep the brand from achieving its potential and being successful.

What defines your Brand – Consistency

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A Brand is the foundation on which all other components are built, It is the Measuring Stick in evaluating not only all marketing strategies, communication but also By defining who your brand is you create the foundation upon which all other components are built on, It then serves as the measuring stick in evaluating any and all marketing materials and strategies—from what the office looks like to what story the ad says to the color and font of the business cards to the design of the website.

Knowing & Defining Target Audience – Focus

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For a Brand to send the right messaging across it is very important that the Brand and all key stakeholders stays focused. The Company should have a clear understanding of who their prospective customer base is. Who is your Target audience, the Age, geographic location, Income group, interests etc should be crystal clear.

Brand Identity – Perception

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For any brand to be successful it is very important that product and service line be in accordance with the Brand Objective. The final packaging of the brand has to convey a consistent messaging as this is how the market would judge the brand. This means that the Office, the Stationary, the Team all have to be in line. Success and failure of Brands are all based on how the market perceives them.

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