Email Marketing

How to bring people into your Funnel and Engage them to harness the potential over a Period of time.

Email Marketing, Triggers, Analytics, Automation & Segmentation!

If you are not collecting the leads when your clients visit your website, you are leaving money on the table. Email Marketing still has the best ROI compared to all forms of Marketing. Simply because you can share multiple offerings with the same prospects and customers.

Email Marketing, Triggers, Analytics, Automation & Segmentation!


Have effective Lead capture forms on your website. There are multiple choices available today and we would recommend the one best suited for your Business.

Link up your lead capture to an Automation. If you subscribe using any of the forms on this site, you would receive a message in 30-40 seconds which is an automated response. Automation creates an additional point of contact and as discussed you need between 5-12 touch points to convert a lead to a customer.

Use Analytics to see how your messages perform. If using an Automation Sequence (which we recommend) you would be able to trigger messages based on Stats on Link clicks and opens etc.

People who open all your message and generate traffic via the links you share should me moved into a different segment. This helps you always share your messages with people who are more engaging.

Email Marketing is a subject on which I have written multiple blog posts. Please feel free to read them here and give me your feedback. I am happy to connect with you to discuss how you can leverage my 3 Decades of Customer-centric, International Sales Experience to boost your growth.

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